The Heist

The Heist

Two weeks into the investigation into a million-pound heist, four of the nine thieves remain at large.

Time is running out for the detectives to arrest and charge them. Beauty salon owner Leonie Airlie goes ahead with her plan to move her £111,000 share to a new safe house, unaware that she is being followed by a covert surveillance team.

Granny Christine Jeffries, rattled because her son Garry has been arrested, is making plans to go on the run and calls on her band of elderly accomplices for help. As she does, she’s unaware that Garry is making a dramatic dash for his loot with the detectives in hot pursuit. And boat skipper Micky Craig, who has outsmarted the detectives so far, needs another clever plan to disappear in a town where everyone knows his name.

The Heist – Thursday at 9.00 on Sky One and Now TV.