The Mum Who Got Tourette’s

The mum who got Tourettes

Mum-of-three Elizabeth has been married for 20 years and is a typical, funny, stay-at-home suburban housewife but with one big difference… Without warning, Elizabeth developed Tourette’s Syndrome shortly after her 40th birthday. Elizabeth is not alone; one in 100 people in the UK live with this neurological condition that can cause involuntary tics that can sometimes be offensive. In an intensely personal, fun and moving insight into how an ordinary family deals with an extraordinary condition, this one-off documentary follows Elizabeth and her family over the course of a busy summer, including everything from a holiday to Cornwall and GCSE results to meeting her son’s new girlfriend, with every triumph and tribulation amplified by the unpredictable impact of Elizabeth’s condition.

The Mum Who Got Tourette’s – Wednesday 10pm on Channel 4