Preview: The Pact

The Pact

Concluding episode of The Pact. The walls are closing in on the Rees’s family, and Christine (Rakie Ayola) is desperately trying to hold everything together.

Will (Lloyd Everitt) is the prime suspect of the police investigation and Christine is determined to clear his name.

With Beth (Lisa Palfry) and Joe (Christian Patterson) one step closer to figuring out what happened at the wedding, Megan (Mali-Ann Rees) and Jamie (Aaron Anthony) are forced to reveal the truth.

Christine continues to spiral, as all sense of control is lost and she is forced to reveal a shocking truth to the children. In the midst of everything, Christine has to grapple with the true reality of Kayla’s (Kristy Phillips) connection to her family.

The Pact

Monday at 9.00pm on BBC One.

Image: BBC/Little Door Productions/Simon Ridgway.

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