The Predator

The predator

Writer/director Shane Black’s unrestrained reboot of the franchise defined by a ruthless extraterrestrial hunter whose name – Predator – says it all. Arnold Schwarzenegger battled it in 1987; now that privilege falls to Boyd Holbrook,Trevante Rhodes and Alfie Allen. The hunter has evolved, says the trailer of The Predator. This time out, then, the Predator is more efficient, scarier and more life threatening. And it’s landed on planet Earth. Its mission or, rather, its reason for being? Is it to sit around making hats out of rib cages? No, it’s to conquer space. But it’s happy to make clothing out of body parts if necessary. Essentially, it’s the ultimate killing machine and all it really wants to do is kill. Quinn McKenna and his band of troops are considered unhinged enough to be of use in this situation so are dispatched by government agent Will Traegar (Sterling K. Brown) to tackle the problem. It’s not the only problem, though; Traegar says he’s in acquisitions. Does he really want this thing captured rather than killed? Good luck with that!

The Predator – Saturday 9pm on Channel 4