The Simpler Life (Ep3/6)

The Simpler Life

In this brand-new show, 24 ordinary Brits leave behind their jobs and their homes for an extraordinary summer, cut off from the modern world, on a remote farmstead in Devon. Together, they live by the principles of a community which rejects modern values and technology – the Amish – eating what they sow and harvest themselves and going to sleep by candlelight when the sun goes down. Over six months, they are tracked by scientists, who measure the physical and mental changes that result from stepping out of the stresses and complexity of modern life – living simply, communally and frugally without phones, the 24-hour news cycle or social media. In this episode, the volunteers continue to find out whether a self-sufficient simpler life, away from the trappings of the modern world, is a happier and more fulfilling one. It’s now time to see if they can interact with the outside world without losing their commitment to the ‘simple’ ways of the Amish. The 40-acre fields are providing vegetables in abundance and the pleasures of harvesting, preparing and sharing food awaken a new sense of joy in some members of the community, but there is only so much of their burgeoning kale crop they can eat themselves. The time has come to start selling their produce, but the trip into the local market town to sell their wares is not the commercial triumph they’d envisaged. However, social media content creator Victoria and IT manager Fran do end up with some money in their pockets, and the first sight in weeks of shop windows stirs unexpected temptation. A new herd of pigs are a welcome addition to the farm, but a contraband borrowed radio divides the group and threatens to derail the new community. With stress levels rising, some of the volunteers are left pondering their future.

The Simpler Life – Tuesday 9.15pm on Channel 4

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