The Speedshop

The Speedshop

The team have had a busy summer, and Titch thinks a week away for some rest and relaxation is just what the boys need. A sun lounger in Greece isn’t his style, so he proposes they do something a little more challenging: a 700km off-road motorcycle ride across Iceland.

The scenery is stunning, with the only catch being that, at this time of year, they are likely to encounter snow, and motorcycles and snow don’t mix. However, bolt-on skis could be the answer, turning their motorcycles into snow-capable machines. The boys set to designing and building their ski solution. But with only time for a brief, unsuccessful snow dome test before heading to Iceland, they are very much entering the unknown.

At the last minute, Billy receives some shattering news from the doctor – a fractured bone in his hand, sustained while racing the Weston Beach race, means he can’t ride a motorcycle for six weeks. However, every cloud has a silver lining, in this case in the form of a giant Icelandic 4×4, meaning Billy can still participate.

The Speedshop – Sunday 8pm on BBC2

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