The Speedshop

The Speedshop

Titch has a desire to re-enter a race he has not competed in since 2014, the mighty Weston Beach motorcycle race. With the four-mile sand course containing obstacles the size of houses, it is one of the most punishing beach races in the world. The three-hour endurance race takes its toll on both riders and machines, and Titch’s battered body – the result of years of Special Forces abuse – isn’t as injury free as when he last competed in this race. But if concerns over his own fitness weren’t enough, he wants to make things even harder by entering the race on a machine the same age as he is, a 47-year-old vintage scrambler. Which will break first – the 47-year-old bike or the 47-year-old man?

In preparation for the race, it’s not just the bike that undergoes a rebuild – Titch visits orthopaedic surgeon Charles Willis-Owen to see what, if anything, can be done about his damaged knees and ankles before the flag drops at Weston.

Titch is joined in the race by last-minute entry and colleague Billy. If Titch thought he wasn’t in the best physical shape to tackle the race, injured military veteran Billy is attempting the race with just one fully functioning arm!

The Speedshop – Sunday 8pm on BBC2

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