The Truth About… Meat

Chris Bavin- Truth About Meat

The questions we all want answers to, will eating meat give us cancer? Can we still eat meat and be healthy? Is buying organic chicken a healthier option? Chris Bavin, greengrocer and meat eater, has teamed up with a group of scientists and 40 volunteers at Nottingham University in an attempt to answer our questions.

Meat is currently a public health concern but 98% of people in the UK are eating meat on a regular, often daily basis. Examining both the health benefits and negatives of tucking into a juicy steak, the documentary is eye opening with the nutritional value of a steak being much more than you’d think!

Without being overly graphic, for those who are squeamish you only need to look away for about 5 minutes, the programme explains the science behind meat processing and provides simple solutions as to ways we can still enjoy meat but in a safer and healthier way.

Bavin’s preventing style is a little woody and the voice over a bit confusing but this documentary offers an informative insight into our nation’s meat eating habits and may even change the way you approach buying and cooking meat.

Watch the documentary on the 29th September on BBC One at 9pm