The Unbelievable Story Of Carl Beech

The Unbelievable Story of Carl Beech

Carl Beech’s allegations that he had been sexually abused by a group of prominent men in the 1970s and 80s rocked Britain. They became front-page news in 2014, when Beech went public, triggering a £2 million police investigation – Operation Midland.

This new documentary, by critically acclaimed filmmaker Vanessa Engle, tells the jaw-dropping story of Carl Beech. It is constructed using Beech’s own words, taken from media and police interviews and from his blogs. There are also exclusive interviews with those who were close to the story at the time, including his ex-wife and Lord Brittan’s widow.

In 2012 Carl Beech told Wiltshire police he had been sexually abused by his stepfather, by Jimmy Savile, and by a group of unnamed men. Although Wiltshire police dismissed his allegations, in 2014 Beech attracted the attention of the press when he began writing about his abuse in an online blog.

His story fell on fertile soil, coming to light as it did when Britain was still reeling from the revelation that Jimmy Savile had been a prolific paedophile hiding in plain sight.

By November 2014, Beech had named his 12 abusers to journalists and the Metropolitan police. The list included Beech’s stepfather Major Raymond Beech and the former head of the British armed forces, Lord Bramall. Also on the list were the former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor, the former Conservative home secretary Leon Brittan, and the former prime minister Sir Edward Heath, as well as other members of the establishment.

Beech went on to allege that he had witnessed Lord Bramall, Harvey Proctor, and Lord Brittan, who had recently died, murder three young boys. In response, the Met coordinated raids on their homes searching for evidence of murder.

A year later, the Met closed down Operation Midland, having identified no murder victims and made no arrests. But the story did not end there, and Beech soon became a suspect. Analysis of his electronic devices revealed that he had downloaded several hundred pornographic images and had photographed and made videos of young boys.

After fleeing to a house he bought in Lapland, he was extradited to the UK in May 2019. After a nine-week trial, where his many lies were exposed, he was convicted for 18 years.

The Unbelievable Story Of Carl Beech – Monday at 9.00pm on BBC Two.