Film of the day: The Witch

The Witch

Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Ineson and Kate Dickie star in writer-director Robert Eggers’ period horror.

In 1630s New England, a family are banished from their Puritan plantation for the father’s assertion that the community fails to worship the Gospels as purely and faithfully as it should. And so William (Ineson) and Katherine (Dickie) and their children Thomasin (Taylor-Joy), Caleb (Harvey Scrimshaw), Jonas (Lucas Dawson) and Mercy (Ellie Grainger) leave the fortified settlement to strike out on their own.

They build a new home on the edge of an imposing forest and offer their fervent devotion to God in an attempt to make their new life there a success. But it is not to be: they suffer a series of troubling, unsettling and tragic events, starting with the sudden disappearance of their newborn Samuel and the failure of their crops. Then the children begin to talk of a malevolent force and the unsettling presence of the family’s goat ‘Black Phillip’.

The Witch – Friday at 12.15am on Channel 4