The Yorkshire Dales and the Lakes

The Yorkshire Dales and The Lakes

The Yorkshire Dales and The Lakes celebrates a wide range of outstanding characters who reveal what it’s like to live and work in what is collectively England’s biggest expanse of protected countryside – the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District National Parks. In the Dales, the constant downpours of the summer have made it impossible for farmers John and William Dawson to hay bale at Bleak Bank Farm. But a sunny spell gives them an opportunity that could provide feed for their livestock to cover the winter months. In the Lake District, GP Stuart Allen takes time out from his practice in Milnthorpe to prepare for a monumental challenge. He’s decided to attempt the Lakes in a Day race for the first time – a fifty-mile ultra-run that stretches the entire length of the Lakes and must be competed in 24 hours. And back in the Yorkshire Dales, geologist and adventurer John Helm is on a mission. He’s joining the rest of the Craven Pothole Club as they prepare for their annual winch meet, which allows members of the public a rare chance to experience the normally inaccessible natural spectacle that is Gaping Gill. Millions of gallons of water crash into Gaping Gill each year and John must journey down into what is one of the most incredible underground locations in Britain – big enough to fit York Minster inside – and check it’s safe for the public descend over the coming week.

The Yorkshire Dales and the Lakes – Saturday 7.30pm on Channel

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