This Is MY House

This Is MY House

Four Erwins try to convince panellists Judi Love, Richard Madeley, Joel Dommett and Sindhu Vee that they own a two-bedroom 17th-century Scottish hunting lodge located outside Glasgow, where the real Erwin lives with his ballet dancer partner Preston.

The house features a menagerie of farmyard animals, a collection of exotic glasswear and a double waterbed in the bedroom. One Erwin tries to convince the others he gave himself a serious hand injury while feeding a goose, while another says one of his chickens loves a blow-dry. Each Erwin explains how they met their partner online, but was it really on a website called, as one of them claims? The Erwins also try to act natural on a trip to the chemist to pick up some fungal foot powder, but which one of them really does know pharmacist Margaret?

It’s up to the celebrities to deduce who the real Erwin is by picking out the fibs, red herrings and outright porkies. The player the panel pick will win a cash prize, so it’s in the interest of the impostors to keep their lies convincing.

This Is MY House – Friday 8.30pm on BBC1

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