This Is MY House

This Is MY House

In this brand new Comic Relief special, four celebrities all claim to own the same house, but only one of them is telling the truth. The other three are liars.

Coming together to work out who the real homeowner is are the celebrity panel Claudia Winkleman, Harry Hill, Chris Eubank and Nina Wadia.

The four claimants attempting to convince the panel that this is their house are Dragons’ Den’s Deborah Meaden, barrister Rob Rinder, boxing champion Ricky Hatton and popstar Claire Richards.

Whether it’s the two-tone high-gloss kitchen, the golden dining room or the purple cinema room, the catch is they’re all adamant the house is in a different location and will go to no end to prove it’s theirs. Claire embarrassingly leaves a fan in the bedroom as her husband suffers from a bad case of hot feet, Rob regales us with stories of Hollywood pals like Benedict Cumberbatch taking a dip in his swimming pool, Ricky offers up a revelation when asked what a Sex and the City poster is doing in his house, and finally Deborah is so adamant that she is the real homeowner that she gets in the bath to prove it’s hers.

It’s down to the celebrity panel to work out which of these claims rings alarms and which has the ring of truth. And in support of Red Nose Day there’s the chance to raise funds for Comic Relief.

This Is MY House – Wednesday 8pm on BBC1

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