Adventure Time: The Complete Season Two

Adventure Time

We welcome the return of the two greatest heroes in the magical, surreal and post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo, in a BAFTA-winning series that has appealed to both children and adults.

Once again we follow the adventures of the shape-shifting, viola-playing Jake the Dog (John DiMaggio – Bender from Futurama) and his adoptive brother and best-friend, 13-year-old Finn the Human (Jeremy Shada), as they right wrongs and seek justice across the land.

In this collection of episodes we witness the villainous Ice King (Tom Kenny – voice of SpongeBob SquarePants) shaving his beard off and tricking princesses into thinking he is the “Nice King”; help to deliver some very special tarts to a meeting being organised by Princess Bubblegum (Hynden Walch); Finn is made the king of a race of over-obedient goblins; Finn gets some confusing advice on how to woo Princess Bubblegum from both Jake and Marceline the Vampire Queen (Olivia Olson – Love Actually); and Finn encounters what he believes to be some other humans.

Like the first series, there are many elements to this series that give it such a big appeal. The central relationship between Jake and Finn is wonderful. The brotherly love between them sees them conquering just about any situation no matter how bizarre: from helping a gang pf partying bears escape from gigantic monster’s stomach, to the duo having different ideas on how to make their own motion picture, or creating a four dimensional bubble.

The humour in Adventure Time is the other big element that gives the series its appeal. Even if you are an adult there will be something for you. For example there is a story in which Finn and Jake enter inside the intelligent game console BeeMo and really play a video game that they love. This story allows the creators to experiment with 3D animation, with the duo portrayed in 3D pixel-based style. There is also the time in which Jake reads some poetry by stroking the manuscript, because not only do you have to read poetry, “you’ve got to feel it.”

Jake and Finn also appear to be the only individuals to take the warning about not legally being allowed to show a film in front of a crowd of people seriously. Given the fact there about 20 of them, each in different languages on each disc of this collection, you can understand why no-one takes such warning seriously. Sadly, like with the first collection, this DVD collection contains no extras.

The story however is still fun. The characters are getting wiser, the stories as still funny, and the character of Finn appears to be slowly maturing as a person.


Adventure Time: The Complete Season Two is released on DVD by Warner Home Video.