Angry Boys Episode 6 Review: Getting Better

ANGRY BOYS: Tuesday 28th June, BBC3, 10.30pm

After a rather slow start to Chris Lilley’s new comedy offering, things are starting to come together nicely, with the laughs finally arriving thick and fast. Last night Daniel was made head honcho on the farm, and he soon got to work ordering the rest of the family about whilst organising a massive party. However, he failed to take into account his deaf brother Nathan, and the lad’s obsession with sitting naked in beanbags and putting his arm in things soon curtails the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, surfer Blake was eyeing up his next fortune by setting up a ‘Fatboy Surf School’. In reality, the pupils spent most of their time slagging each other off and criticising women sunbathing on the beach. Hilarity ensued when they broke the surfboards and nearly suffocated under their t-shirts which were too small for their flabby bodies. The testicle-less surfer also weighed up getting a pair of fake balls after his real ones were shot off in a turf war many years back.

Elsewhere, prison officer Gran was still trying to get a dog masturbating offender to talk, and when she succeeded, you really did feel the warmth between the characters on screen. It was Lilley at his best.

With Angry Boys, the Australian has demonstrated his gift for comedy writing once again and his incredible ability to take on a variety of roles in a sort of ‘Little Australia’ way. You can’t help but feel that Chirs Lilley has dug his own niche in the world of comedy, and with Summers Heights High 2 rumoured to be just around the corner, it’s hard not to see him being recognised soon as a true comedy great.