Angry Boys Review: Tempers Flare

ANGRY BOYS: Tuesday 7th June, BBC3, 9pm

Camp Australian funny man Chris Lilley has finally returned to our screens with his eagerly anticipated comedy Angry Boys, the third in a series of satirical mockumentarys about the lives ‘everyday people’ in Australia.

Staying faithful to the same format that has won him so much critical acclaim on both sides of the world, the latest series, in partnership with HBO, again focuses on several characters played by Lilley, with episode one following eccentric prison warden ‘Ruth “Gran” Sims’ and twins Nathan and Daniel, who also starred in Lilly’s first comedy outing ‘Australian of the Year’ .

As a big fan of the Australian’s previous offerings, I can’t help but have a mixed reaction to this latest venture. Lilley is no doubt a funny man, not afraid to crack jokes in character that would make Jim Davidson blush, and it’s exactly this un-PC approach that make his other series so funny.

‘Angry Boys’ certainly continues this same recipe for success, yet as a viewer you do fell it lacks an important ingredient, punch. Indeed, there were funny scenes that brought a wry smile, but nothing that really stood out to make the viewer laugh out loud. It was exactly these moments that made us love ‘Summer Height’s High’, but this time round it often felt that Lilley was trying to force laughs from the viewer.

Despite this criticism, the show is certainly watchable, and may yet be a grower with several new characters yet to enter the frame. One can only hope that some of these display the campness and warmth for which Chris Lilley is so loved for.