Big School


The second episode of David Walliams‘ easy going comedy, bringing together an ensemble of recognisable faces, including Katherine Tate as the new, ‘glamorous but knows it’ French teacher. That man from ‘Ashes to Ashes’ (Philip Gleinster), who plays the moronic ‘geezer’ of a P.E. teacher. That guy from the BT adverts and Black Mirror (Daniel Rigby), as the ‘real music’ fanatic, and rising damp star, Frances de la Tour, in fine form as the hilarious drunkard of a headmistress.

Each episode plays out like a short film, with ever predictable plot twists, low points and resolution. Textbook stuff. However this is done with an unexpected charm and warmth, simply due to the character stereotypes and all of their cringe-worthy glory. This combined with the staffroom perspective is a fairly original mix, matched only by Chris Lilley’s ‘Summer Heights High’ (which if you haven’t watched I strongly recommend).

Whether this form will get repetitive is still up to question however, as there’s only so many time you can watch a short ‘There’s Something About Mary’ .

So if you’re gouging your own eyes at the thought of having to sit through another moody police drama (even writing this fills me with dread), and long for something as light and easy as angels delight while watching sesame street , then tune in to BBC 1 at 9.

Big School 9:00pm, 30/08 on BBC 1