Christmas With Gordon Review: Stuffing Great

CHRISTMAS WITH GORDON: Wednesday December 22nd, Channel 4, 9pm, ALERT ME

Another Christmas, another swathe of cooking programmes. With Gordon Ramsay’s private life so much in the public eye recently, it’s actually refreshing to see him on TV doing what he does best (that’s cooking, not shouting at people by the way).

Here we’ve got Gordon dishing up some of his takes on Christmas classics. It’s refreshingly straightforward stuff, Ramsay explaining clearly and concisely how to make some of the most familiar Christmas dishes. As it’s him predominantly on his own in the kitchen, bar the occasional assistance of his kids and his mother (who has less wrinkles then he does), there’s no swearing to be heard probably halving the number of words he says in a stroke.

What’s always quite amusing about Christmas programmes is their air of forced festivity. While not nearly as grating as Nigella (whose staged school runs during her cooking shows are laughably contrived), it’s funny to see Gordon and the kids larking around outside wearing thick coats and gloves despite the fact that it was recorded in July…

The food looks suitably delicious and easy to make but then again, all chefs have an effortless fluency with food that turns out to be as difficult as particle physics when you try to attempt it yourself. The Christmas turkey looks lovely (and Gordon offers some useful advice to avoid the dryness so often complained about at the dinner table), his pork, apricot and pistachio stuffing looks marvellous and I’d challenge anyone to watch without salivating at the thought of homemade mint chocolate truffles.

Gordon’s presentation style – clear and no-nonsense is exactly what you want at this time of year and he offers handy time-saving preparations so you won’t have to spend as much time mucking about in the kitchen on the day itself. Weirdly for once, Gordon Ramsay has managed to make something less stressful.