Code of a Killer

Code of a Killer
WORLDWIDE PRODUCTIONS PRESENT CODE OF A KILLER EPISODE 1 Pictured: DAVID THRELFALL as DCS David Baker and JOHN SIMM as Alec Jeffreys. Photographer: Robert Viglasky. This image is the copyright of ITV and must only be used in relation to CODE OF A KILLER. The images are for one use only, any further use must be checked with the ITV Picture Desk.

The new ITV series is based upon a crime committed in 1984 concerning two dead girls and a mysterious killer who became the first person to be caught using DNA evidence.

Detective David Barker (David Threlfall) has been working the murder of Lynda Mann for over a year when a killer with a similar MO strikes again. During this time Alec Jefferys (John Simm), a scientist, has been working tirelessly to figure out how to use each person’s DNA as an individual marker of their identity.

After many months, Jefferys is successful, and it is at this point that that Barker first stumbles upon his scientific findings. Barker, desperate to break his case asks Jefferys for his help. How this ends is up for viewers to find out in this two part series.

The beginning is a bit slow at first, with both plots being very separate and you’re not quiet sure how they’ll intersect. At first I thought Jefferys might be the killer until I realised that he was actually helping the case.

As the minutes ticked by, I found myself more and more captivated by the story. I was curious as to who the real killer was and the questionable actions of the suspect they had arrested. I wanted to know more about Jefferys and his findings and how the killer had managed to kill more than once without mishap.

Directed by James Strong and written by Michael Compton, the series has been adapted and approved by the family of the true crime. The mother spoke to Mirror, stating, I’ve read the script and although it brings back all those awful memories, I really believe it will do something positive and help keep this evil monster locked away for life.”

I believe that this series will give knowledge to people who may not be familiar with the case and/or the scientific discovery that started a crime solving revolution. It is well worth the watch.

Code of a Killer is on ITV1 at 9pm on April 6th