Doctor Who Preview: Let’s Kill Hitler (Spoiler Free)

After the revelation at the end of the first half of series six that River Song is in fact the child of the Doctor’s companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams, fans will no doubt be eager to find out what’s next up Stephen Moffat’s sleeve. Will all the outstanding questions be answered? Where is River Song now? What piece of ridiculous clothing will the Doctor take a fancy to next?

Following a special preview of upcoming episode Let’s Kill Hitler, the answers to the questions are somewhat yes, I can’t tell you, and an 1930’s dinner suit with matching ‘sonic cane’.

In an episode that shows the depth of imagination of its writer, we see the Doctor coming to grips with a curious combination of crop circles, a robot controlled by tiny people, and, er Nazis. Just a normal day for the time traveller then really.

The plot line was easy to understand, both genuinely amusing at times and at the same time very illuminating. This will not doubt reassure those fans which found the first half of the series slightly confusing, this despite a defiant Moffat declaring at the preview that the storyline was ‘dead obvious to children’ and that his son had worked it out from the first episode.

However, if things seemed confusing before, rest assured the pieces come together nicely in this first episode, and whilst there are still lots of questions to be ironed out (and possibly more as a result of this episode- isn’t it always the way), I am now more confident on the direction of this series.

Without giving too much away, the story starts with the doctor meeting Amy and Rory in a field, only for an unexpected companion to turn up and send the TARDIS back to Hitler’s personal office in 1938. But it soon transpires that the Doctor and his companions aren’t the only ones in this time period, with a bizarre race of futuristic miniature people walking around in a robot on a mission to deliver justice to the universe. Not to mention a certain other new ‘companion’ to deal with…

If Let’s Kill Hitler is anything to go by, we’re in for a fantastic end to series six of the time traveller’s adventures. David Walliams and James Corden are set to star in future episodes, alongside some familiar (and unfamiliar) of the Doctor’s foes, including what looked distinctly like a Dalek. What happened to that ‘rest’ then Stephen for Davros’s tin can army?

You can catch up on the first half of this series six by watching the clip below.