Entourage Series 8 Premiere: Rehab? No, No, No

ENTOURAGE: Monday 25th July, Sky Atlantic, 10.40pm

The last season ended with Vince reaching an all time low, and no, I’m not talking about his cocaine addiction. Everyone seems to forget an episode that was far more damaging to his both career and personal life – being knocked out by Eminem. However, this is Entourage, we don’t watch it for its frank and evocative portrayal of the pressures faced by Hollywood’s elite, no we watch it because it’s fun. So naturally, season eight picks up as Vince is leaving rehab, of course he didn’t do to jail, he’s a movie star – actually maybe it’s not so unrealistic after all.

But if Vince is back to his usual laid-back self, everyone else is a mess. E’s divorce is going through, Ari is still separated from his wife, Drama has gone completely – sorry, even more – crazy, in an effort to make Vince’s home a “drug-and-alcohol-free zoneâ€?, and Turtle, well turtle’s life is going pretty well for a change, which is scary in itself. Vince calls everyone when he gets out, everyone that is except E, but E comes to pick him up anyway. No one wants to say or do anything that could push Vince back over the edge, so when he says he’s bored and wants to go out they, in true Entourage style, throw him a party (it’s better going on under their roof, as Drama puts it). The party starts as Ari’s wife tells him she’s seeing someone else. Ari does not take this well and proceeds inebriate himself on the vodka Drama has hidden in the barbecue.

Vince has a long awaited talk with E, during which, E decides to stop indulging Vince and let him know that his latest idea for a film – about a Romanian mining disaster and a Labrador – is terrible. Vince storms off, causing Turtle to stress out and break his “no weed in the houseâ€? deal with Drama and go off to smoke in secret. Meanwhile, Vince has relapse and collapses, a screaming girl runs into the living room to let everyone know about it and the whole gang rush to investigate. When they get into Vince’s room he is, of course, fine and lets them know it was a just ruse to let them know it. He also tells them a few home truths, the most amusing of which is letting Ari know that vodka he “thinks he’s tripping onâ€? is non-alcoholic. So everything is back to normal. Actually, it does end on a pretty harrowing scene. Remember Turtle was smoking when he rushed to Vince’s aid? Well, in doing so he threw his joint out the window, and it set the house on fire. So the episode ends with everyone outside cracking jokes about Turtle burning down the house, as I said, this is Entourage after all.