Epic Win Review: Heroic Talents

EPIC WIN: Saturday 20th August, BBC1, 8pm

Bringing together elements of Shooting stars, Britain’s Got Talent, and The Price is Right, Epic Win is a new primetime game show airing Saturdays at 17.30 on BBC One.

In the words of host Alexander Armstrong, it’s a ‘show that scours the nation looking for those with jaw droppingly senseless superpowers’, celebrating the weird and wonderful talents of contestants that, whilst completely useless in every sense of the word, are pretty entertaining for an early Saturday night.

Contestants battle for two prizes, winning an Epic Win trophy if they complete their task and exiting through the ‘FAIL door’ if they lose. If they are successful, they get to guess how much the judges have gauged the worth of their ‘talent’, with anything from £3 to £3000 up for grabs. Each judge can award up to £1000, depending on how impressed they are with the act.

Jason Manford, Nina Wadia, and Micky Flanagan make up the panal of judges, whilst the so called ‘Epic announcer’ Joe Lycett plays a ‘George Dawes’ from Shooting Stard style role, minus the drum kit.

There’s a curious range of contestants on show, and viewers will no doubt be left scratching their heads wondering how on earth the contestants discovered they had these talents. Like me, you also might be thinking that certain people need to get out more.

First up is strong man Shaun, who, when not breaking records during 24 hour weight lifting squatting sessions (yes, you read correctly), has an immense lung capacity that can burst hot water bottles, with the Welshman challenged to blow up three of the thick rubbered devices tonight whilst riding an exercise bike. After completing the challenge, Manford asks the performer to the audience’s delight: ‘Are you that powerful at both ends?’. A rather sceptical Flanagan chips in: ‘That’s British craftmanship for you’.

Next up is the lawnmower obsessed man who can tell what make of lawnmower has cut which piece of grass. Whilst I’m not too sure whether to be impressed by this or feel sorry for the guy, he’s obviously got a talent that is both amazing and ridiculous.

There’s also a Take That fan who is challenged to guess the song after a one second clip, and a football obsessed ‘Keepie Uppy’ expert who has to dress himself with the ball not touching the floor.

Overall it’s fun stuff, and just what the doctor ordered for early Saturday night viewing. Indeed, it is similar to Britain’s Got Talent, but whereas Simon Cowell’s cash cow has a tendency to ridicule it’s contestants with the buzzers and over critical judges, Epic Win celebrates the talents of participants in a humorous and often warming way. Not to mention Epic Announcer Joe is set to appear later in the series dressed as a hot dog. You don’t see Ant and Dec doing that now do you? Whey aye, man.