Game of Thrones Episode 6 Review: A Golden Crown

GAME OF THRONES: Monday 23rd May, Sky Atlantic, 9pm

*Spoiler Warning: Please only continue with this series blog if you have watched up to series 6 of Game of Thrones*

We remember a time when every episode of Game of Thrones touched base with each and every sub-plot in turn, but with kingdoms being added to that interactive map faster than Soviet satellite states joining the EU, the director now seems to be concentrating on one or two per week. This is good news for us, because some of these characters are developing nicely and we’d quite like to follow them rather than heading off to The Wall to watch Jon Snow and his chubby mates doing yet more training.

There was absolutely no mention of the ongoing situation in Dothraki last week, so we knew we were guaranteed some serious plot progression in the horse kingdom tonight. The whole “will they cross the sea, won’t they cross the sea” question is rumbling on in the background and Viserys Targaryen finally gets the commupence that he has been unintentionally begging for in those posh squawky tones of his. As his sister embraces and thrives in her new culture, Draco Malfoy’s long-lost cousin has been playing with fire for a while now and when he threatens to kill Calisi and her unborn son, Khal Drogo finally loses his temper. You don’t need to be a genius to work out that threatening the girlfriend of a someone bigger than the entire Klitschko family isn’t a great idea and tonight Drogo melts the young upstart’s face off for him. As his sister says, “He was no dragon!”

If the rise of Calisi is mirrored by the demise of her brother (whether he survived his impromptu ‘coronation’ is unclear, but if not he won’t be missed) then there is a certain balance to the character arc of Tyrion ‘The Imp’ Lannister. We weren’t that enamoured with him when this series kicked-off last month, but as the story has progressed we have grown to love the cheeky little man. First he helped Bran Stark ride a horse again after his accident (which he does finely until he is ambushed by Tonks and some other brigands), then he saved the life of Catelyn Stark when their party was attacked on the road (not that she showed him any appreciation!) and this week he plays a hilarious joke on Lord of the Vale Lysa Arryn.

It’s difficult to like a woman with such serious childcare issues, so when he responds to Lysa’s call for a confession by listing his most villainous wanks, like many of Lysa’s subjects, we find it hard to stifle a chuckle. The Eyrie is probably our favourite location so far, so even though we love him dearly, we were slightly disappointed when Tyrion negotiated his way out of his ‘Sky Cell’ – those concept prisons were intriguing, so let’s hope we see them again. Thankfully Tyrion’s champion wins an unlikely victory and the Imp leaves The Eyrie – presumably for the nearest whorehouse. Can you imagine if such a justice system was introduced in Britain? The Daily Mail would go mental. And with good reason..