Picture Shows: (top to bottom, l-r) Mary (KATY WIX), Kitty (LOLLY ADEFOPE), Pat (JIM HOWICK), The Captain (BEN WILLBOND), Lady Button (MARTHA HOWE-DOUGLAS), Julian (SIMON FARNABY), Headless John (LARRY RICKARD), Thomas Thorne (MAT BAYNTON), Robin the Caveman (LARRY RICKARD), Alison (CHARLOTTE RITCHIE), Mike (KIELL SMITH-BYNOE). Image Credit: BBC/Button Hall Productions.

From the cast and creators of Horrible Histories, comes a brand new series, Ghosts, for the BBC. Directed by the infinitely talented Tom Kingsley, the innovative sitcom sees the lives of a collective of restless spirits thrown into turmoil, as a young couple inherit the mansion in which they reside and plan to turn it into a hotel.

As the latest in generations of residents takes her final breath and passes over to the spirit world, we are introduced to a plethora of undead dwellers, stuck in limbo, and with each other – whether they like it or not. With each character of a different era, with vastly different outlooks, morals and experiences, the situational comedy is immediately apparent, with squabbles over bedrooms and a chess playing caveman ghost, providing a glimpse of the comical scenarios such a situation inevitably provides.

Although already tumultuous, such as with the nightly re-enactment of Lady Button’s (Martha Howe-Douglas) screaming suicide leap from the second floor bedroom window, the real trouble starts as new (living) occupants Alison and Mike (Charlotte Ritchie and Kiell Smith-Bynoe) inherit the house and immediately proceed with plans to renovate the place into a hotel, much to the horror of the ghostly dwellers. Their initial plans to kill the young couple having been dismissed, the gang decide upon haunting them, in an effort to scare them off. In a surprising turn of events, these plans go awry and both parties are locked in an awkward house share situation.

Kingsley’s vision has been expertly brought to fruition, with the help of the writing talents of much of the cast, including Simon Farnaby, Mathew Baynton and Jim Howick, amongst others. Given a post watershed slot, we’re presented with a slightly darker, more macabre version of the iconic and much loved comedy seen in the Horrible Histories series.

Not only current, long adoring, fans of this comedy group will love this series, but I’m certain a whole new audience of admirers will take to this brilliantly funny series.

Ghosts is on BBC One at 21.30 on Mondays.