Have You Been Watching.. Modern Family?

Whatever your opinion of the media behemoth that is Sky, with channels like Sky Atlantic now showcasing some of HBO’s greatest TV shows, there’s no doubt that it does provide us with some hidden gems. Of course they’re only ‘hidden’ because pay-per-view TV is only available to a small slice of the population, but we digress. Modern Family one such diamond. A right royal jewel of a comedy that’s currently in it’s third season on Sky One.

Not since Friends has an American comedy truly captured the hearts of so many with a group of funny, charming and highly likeable people. Now though, we can add Modern Family to comedy’s cream of the crop.

From the mind of Steve Levitan – famed for the very funny Just Shoot Me – Modern Family follows the ups and downs of the Dunphy-Pritchett clan. The two-point-four Dunphy family; Jay Pritchett, his gorgeous younger wife Gloria and her coffee-drinking poetry-loving tween son Manny; and gay couple Mitch and Cam, with their newly adopted Vietnamese baby Lily, make up this weird and wonderful troupe.

Shot in a mockumentary style that’s reminiscent of The Office but doesn’t grate on you, every character of this traditional yet unique family are highly watchable and extremely funny. And after all, that’s all we want right? Each episode comes from the real life experiences of the cast and crew and as a result each is a loveable slice of life inter cut with direct to camera interviews that leave me roaring with laughter.

Most of the fun tends to come from father of three Phil and over-dramatic diva Cam. Phil is awkwardly lame as he attempts to be cool and ‘down with the kids’ while there’s so much enjoyment in seeing his determined wife Claire being dragged along for the ride. When he spouts off lines like, “a realtor’s just a ninja in a blazer. The average burglar breaks in and leaves clues everywhere. But not me. I’m completely clueless,â€? you know you’ve got a winner.

Whether holding daughter Lily aloft as the Circle Of Life plays in the background or as the colourful clown Fizbo, Cam is a joy to behold as he gets to grips with parenthood alongside his lawyer partner Mitch.

The acting’s superb, the writing is witty and there are so many side gags and running jokes that you’re constantly and consistently chuckling away. With truly hilarious characters in scenarios that are biting at the chomp to explode in a barrage of laughs following this unique modern family is just a joy to behold.

MODERN FAMILY: Fridays, SKY1, 8pm