Have You Been Watching.. Planet Earth Live?

PLANET EARTH LIVE: Thursday 10th May, BBC1, 8pm

Look at these little cuties!!
Yes yes, baby meerkats are an adorable lot, but unfortunately their young lives are frought with peril..
I’ve no doubt. Attenborough’s been banging on about it for decades. Is this programme of his doing as well?
No my friend, this is something very different. It’s kind of like what Countryfile would be like if it was filmed in Africa or North America and followed bears and lions.. instead of sparrows and badgers.
So have these animals been given names and had human emotions foisted upon them by misty-eyed hippies?
Yes. There’s an otter called Dali, a bear called Braveheart and last night we even heard the tragic tale of a lion cub who’s forced to play with a stick because he doesn’t have any mates..
Yes I know, but the viewers have been absolutely loving it. Twitter is flooded with people asking what Juliet the Bear is up to..
Who have they been asking? Do these animals have time for Twitter?
Julia Bradbury and Jeremy Clarkson’s weasel Richard Hammond (or their researchers we should say) have been fielding questions. When they’re not doing that the pair are accompanying a vast team of highly-skilled camerafolk as they track the struggles of some young animals in real-time..
Sounds like one giant Nature soap.
Well I suppose it is really. That Cayman which scoffed the Peruvian otters is definitely Phil Mitchell.
So is it on every Thursday?
No, just like a real soap, there are several episodes a week. After starting on Sunday, there was a half-hour slot last night and there’ll be another hour episode tonight, followed by the fourth on Sunday. It’s all available on the iPlayer if you’ve missed anything..
Great stuff. Any chance of Richard Hammond being mauled in tonight’s episode?
Potentially. We’d say there’s more chance of him getting involved in a Walford-style love triangle with James May and Clarkson though..

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