Help My House Is Invested Review

HELP! MY HOUSE IS INFESTED: Monday 18th April, C4, 8pm

“We’re cornered, we’re absolutely corneredâ€? says one rat infestation victim. Help! My House Is Infested shows the devastating effects of bedbug, rat, moth and fox infestations. The pests spread quickly and they achieve lethal results causing damage to houses and families that often leave a hole in one’s pocket.

However, presenter Sarah Beeny shows that there are solutions. She calls in different “pest bustersâ€? to deal with the problems. From heating the house up to 50°C with industrial heaters, to finding ingenious ways to fill an inaccessible pipe, the professionals effectively remove the pests.

Help! plays off the battle between pest and people well, highlighting the grotesque nature of an infestation through vivid images of bedbug bites and dead rats caught in traps. Focusing on specific families certainly helped underline the deep-rooted impact that an infestation can have. The battle is intense as creative detective work from the infestation controllers, using thin tube cameras to look down drains, and placing UV powder to track rats, fought back against the pests.

Yet these moments of gripping action are infrequent. Much of the documentary is quite unexciting with quite obvious questioning from Beeny beginning, “if you were giving someone advice who was in this situation…â€?, hence the documentary was not provocative enough. While excrement was an important clue for the infestation control people, there appeared to be an unhealthy affixation with it as Beeny seemed to respond to any black speck on the floor with, “errr, is that [insert appropriate pest here] poo?â€?

Help! also gave the impression that it was dealing with too much. The interjection of the fox pest scenario in the community was thrown in with no attempt at a conclusion and evidently just broke the already staggering flow of the documentary.

With any moments of interesting viewing undermined by unnecessary and predictable structure, Help! My House is Infested is indeed a pest to evening viewing.