Heston’s Dinner in Space

Heston's Food in Space

When British astronaut Tim Peake was being shot into space, someone thought that it’d be nice for him to take some fancy food. That way, when floating above earth, he can think of home, even though it’ll literally be right outside his window. Creating these meals is gastronaut Heston Blumenthal, who learns about the restrictions placed on space food and the limitations that come with zero gravity, all while trying to keep it fancy – and making the other astronauts jealous.

Space is exclusive and rather expensive, much like Heston’s restaurants, while this documentary is absolutely text book documentary making. The formula for which being – our main character has a problem to solve, he learns about the problem, tries and fails, learns some more, succeeds and happy ending. Whilst space is cool, watching someone prepare food for someone else is becoming a real drawl, much like those cooking competition shows.

Here’s an idea for Heston; diners at his restaurants should have a TV set on their tables, as they watch their meals being prepared in the kitchen, a voiceover guy would commentate on the progress of the meal, while a live band play either inspirational or dramatic music. Then diners will get to eat the food that they’ve become so invested in.

I’m being rather harsh, this program if anything gives a good behind the scenes look at space travel and what astronauts go through. I’ve never been to space (surprisingly), but I imagine having a nice meal to look forward to makes a big difference. Particularly when you’re sharing rooms with numerous other people, loud equipment and some Russians. Watching this program though, I kept thinking – Heston must really like space, it explains those massive glasses he’s always wearing.

P.S. I strenuously avoided a pun about Michelin stars, out of good taste.