Homeland Series-Blog: Series 2, Episode 4: New Car Smell

That was good, wasn’t it? Brody’s been outed, he’s got a black bag on his head and is presumably about to get a couple of well lubricated fingers somewhere else. Saul knows, Carrie knows, Estes knows. I’m pretty sure a couple of the cast of Modern Family know. Guess that’s the end of the series then. See ya.

Obviously not. Homeland’s good at cliff-hangers. So much so it’s easy to miss that everything in between feels a little lacklustre. After last week’s edge-of-the-seat offering, it seemed like the show had got its mojo back. Despite some big developments, this week’s episode felt like it was in third gear.
In Carrie’s misdirection of Brody we got a glimpse of the uncertainty that permeated the first series. The inversion of the original set up looked like it was going to offer a good few episodes of duplicity and second guessing. Though it’s got us to the bridge a lot sooner than many expected, Estes isn’t going to be the only one who’s pissed that Carrie called it in so soon.

Let’s hope that decision means there’s something around the corner the producers really want to get to. Lost alienated its audience the moment they realised the writers had no better idea than they where it was all headed. Ashes to Ashes managed to pull back from a period of procrastination to offer a strong resolution. Let’s hope Homeland can do the same.

The show’s greatest threat is that it loses its target. I’ll watch Bobby Fischer move pieces around a chessboard all day because I know it’s building to something. In the world of US TV networks, however – where cash cows are milked to extinction – we may see the narrative deferred that little bit too far. News that Homeland has been renewed for a third season is, on the face of it, great news for fans – and Damien Lewis’s air miles – but is also disconcerting when the show already feels so uncertain of itself.

And friends, let us take this moment to weep for poor Xander. We may not be able to forget the creepy allusion to he and Dana having sex in the first season, but he doesn’t deserve to be blown out for such a douchebag ra as the VEEP’s son. Oh, Xander and your floppy fringe, we hardly knew ye.

2.5 out of 5

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