Hot Property

Hot Property
Picture Shows: Ayo, Yung Filly. Image Credit: BBC.

New BBC Three dating show Hot Property shows people seeing the houses of the people they’re dating before they meet them, presented by online comedian Yung Filly.

This second episode sees Liam from Bristol look at three guys’ houses and then be asked to eliminate one before the next round. Then he meets a friend of each of the two remaining guys before choosing which one he wants to go on a date with.

Liam and Scott, the man Liam chooses to go on a date with, both share an interest in drag. Each of the three boys were given a nickname beforehand and the nickname Liam gave Scott was ‘Mr First Time’, based on Liam’s assumption based on the heels in the closet that it was Scott’s first time in drag.

The date was in a living room on a rug eating sweets and talking. Earlier in the programme Liam was a bit concerned as he found something from a previous relationship in Scott’s room, but Scott says that he forgot he still had it. After the date they both send a text to Filly simply reading yes or no, as an answer to whether they’d want to go on another date or not. They both said yes.

Filly makes this an entertaining watch and fans of reality TV won’t be disappointed.

The full series of Hot Property is on iPlayer, and the series is also being shown on BBC One on Tuesdays at 10:35.