Hugh’s Fish Fight Review: For Cod’s Sake!

HUGH’s FISH FIGHT: Tuesday 11th January, CHANNEL4, 9.00pm ALERT ME

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, the man who galvanised public opinion with his Chicken Out! Campaign, heads out into the choppy North Seas in search of cod, and to uncover the insane waste of fish that takes ‘plaice’ on a daily basis, thanks to misguided legislation. Having won the public vote by raising awareness about the shocking conditions suffered by broiler chickens, HUgh does something similar with fish, and meets plenty of eccentric seafarers along the way.

On his one man crusade to find out what is happening to Britain’s fishing industry, he sets out with endearing zeal. It is well known there is a problem in the oceans. Hugh wants to find out what is going on at the industrial end of our fisheries. And what he finds is that its not just bad – its mad. What Hugh discovers is that up to half the fish being caught in the North Sea is being thrown back into the sea dead, because of what he believes are crazy EU rules.

Hugh launches his most ambitious campaign yet, to try and put an end to this shameful practice. It’s a fight which will take to some dark and unexpected places – not least the corridors of power in Brussels.

In an effort to encourage the nation to eat different kinds of fish, and so relieve the pressure on the cod, tuna and salmon, Hugh and his Head Chef Tim launch an audacious campaign to revolutionise the chippy. The best bits are when Hugh tries to persuade all the chip shop on one coast sell Mackarel Baps, as an alternative to regular Fish n’ Chips. This proves vaguely fruitful, but manages to bemuse more people than he wins over.

This certainly left me wondering where my fish came from, fueled by a heady injustice that so fisherman are forced to dispose of thousands of tons of fish every week. The cargo revolution begins..