I Never Knew That About Britain

I Never Knew That About Britain - Paul Martin and Spitfire

Britain has such an eventful past that we can only just about piece it together today.

In ‘I Never Knew That About Britain’, presenter Paul Martin along with historian Suzannah Lipscomb and scientist Steve Mould set out to do just that and discover the untold stories behind Britain’s history. The programme follows each presenter to a different city, where they experiment with inventions firsthand or hear the stories from the experts.

First in Duxford, Cambridgeshire, Paul takes a ride in spitfire plane, comparing its construction to that of a buggy. He then explains the work of Engineer Owen McClaren who designed folding buggy based on the WWII plane and shares the story from McClaren’s granddaughter.

Suzannah, visiting Fishguard in Wales, uncovers the group of women who helped protect Britain against Napoleon, led by shoemaker Jemima Nicholas. The invasion also led the Bank of England to issue paper money for the first time.

In Edinburgh, Scotland, Steve learns about the early pain relieving methods used in childbearing. He meets with a professor at the Royal College of Physicians to relive James Simpson’s infamous dinner party.

Providing historical information as well as the recognition of unsung heroes in Britain, ‘I Never Knew That About Britain’ serves as an informative programme in multiple aspects. The presenters delve in the historical background of each invention or event while including the insights from a relative or scholar of the leading figure. The audience not only learns about a new, groundbreaking moment in Britain’s history but is also invited to provide their own stories with the Twitter hashtag “#ineverknewthat”.

‘I Never Knew That About Britain’ further proves Britain’s got talent…historically.

I Never Knew That About Britain is on ITV from March 7