In With The Flynns Review: The New My Family?

IN WITH THE FLYNNS: Wednesday 8th June, BBC1, 8.30pm

After a decade-long stint playing ‘Gaz’ in the seemingly unending Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet of Crisps, Will Mellor has landed himself a parental role in the new BBC comedy series, In With The Flynns. Based on the acclaimed US family comedy Grounded For Life, this new BBC prime-time sitcom follows the frenzied lives of a surprisingly likable Mancunian family.

The Flynns live with their three children and Liam’s (Gaz) brother, Tommy, who is the source of almost every unfortunate incident that befalls the family; from teaching son Steve how to sucker-punch a bully to recommending a piercing studio for underage Chloe. Uncle Tommy is the standout character of the show.

The first episode, as you may expect, sets up the household’s dynamic and introduces each character’s quirks. Youngest, Mikey, has taken to eating out of bins and scrounging from the homeless; middle son Steve is being bullied at school; oldest, Chloe, has gotten a tongue piercing and Granddad, Jim, is unknowingly attempting to woo a nun.

Liam and his wife Caroline are both working overtime in an effort to save enough to jet off to Santorini, which, as it turns out, isn’t in the Med. With their parents constantly away at work the children look to misguided Tommy for advice, and things go from bad to worse.

Although at first the characters don’t come across as believable, by the end of the episode everyone seems to fit into the set-up well, and there are more than a few genuinely funny moments. The only thing that still seems odd is the pairing of Will Mellor and Niky Wardley as husband and wife. Although they have great on-screen chemistry they just don’t look quite right together.