It’s All About Amy Review: Cleverer Than She Looks?

IT’S ALL ABOUT AMY: Thursday 1st December, FIVE, 10pm

What’s the difference between Katie Price and Amy Childs? On first impression you’d be inclined to think the answer is not a lot. They are both girls of the glamorous kind; famous for being famous, one a veteran of the fly-on-the-wall reality show and the other about to embark on one dedicated solely to her. Yet Amy doesn’t agree. In her own words… “I think we’re going in completely different directions, she’s into horse-riding, and I’m into table tennis…â€?

This type of endearing and surprisingly humorous one-liner is in fact where the difference lies. It is also what made her a celebrity in the first place. Shooting to fame after her appearance on the ridiculously popular The Only Way Is Essex, Amy stood out amongst her fellow fake-tanned counterparts not just for her Jessica Rabbit looks but also for her ditzy and incredibly dim persona. (The others aren’t exactly MENSA candidates, but she took it to another level.) Some highlights included a serious conversation on where exactly North London is. It’s not in Essex, we gathered that much. Also, she once insightfully claimed… “You know what, it’s so clever to watch the newsâ€?. Yes, yes it is.

It’s All About Amy isn’t clever. But what did you expect? If you don’t like Amy or have no interest in her whatsoever, there isn’t much point in watching, this programme is simply not made for you. If you’re still reading this article for that matter then you really must be bored. It does exactly what it says on the tin; following Amy on her journey post-TOWIE and post-Big Brother, giving us insight into her everyday life and exclusive access to her family and immediate circle. It is undeniably rather similar to the Katie Price school of reality shows (school being an ironic term on this occasion), however this is not surprising when her manager Claire Powell who also manages Peter Andre, once upon a time did the same for Katie.

We get to watch Amy doing what she does best; trying on clothes, doing her make-up, and playing with her beloved pug ‘Prince Childs’.

In case you think it’s all vacuous drivel, the programme does reveal some surprising sides to Amy. For one, she is really quite likeable due to the fact that she seems to have her feet on the ground. Despite the whirlwind of accusations she faced upon leaving TOWIE, saying that she had got too big for her Ugg boots, she seems sweet and unassuming. This is probably thanks to her loving mum and the home environment in which she still resides, living in the same house as she did before TOWIE, in Brentwood Essex.

Secondly, you get the impression that she might not be as stupid as she portrays herself to be. She was head girl and a hard-working pupil at school before going on to excel at beauty school. Apparently, she’s talented at more than just Vajazzling too. It is revealed that she is a table tennis whizz and a former champion having played the sport for her county as a young girl.

Who knew? If you’re being really cynical you could argue that the ditzy persona might then be a bit of an act. If we were talking about Katie Price then perhaps I’d be inclined to think so, but Amy’s genuine affection towards her cousin Harry and advice on being ‘true to who you are’ seems to fly in the face of that kind of fakery. If she is a little too ditzy at times then who cares, it’s what got her the gig after all. I doubt It’s All About Amy will win any awards but clearly that’s not the aim. Just like her giddy reaction as TOWIE won the BAFTA, if this programme shows us anything, it’s that the girl just can’t believe her luck.