Jack Dee’s Inauguration HelpDesk

Jack Dee

With only a few hours before Donald Trump becomes the most powerful man in the world, now is a good time to ask questions about the future president – and who is better qualified to deal with it than four comedians and a sports presenter?

This special episode of Jack Dee’s HelpDesk, the show in which the deadpan comic deals with problems submitted by his studio audience, deals with the Trump’s inauguration and features guests Romesh Ranganathan, Sara Pascoe, Phil Wang and Gabby Logan. Questions on the show ranged from the serious, such as whether we should boycott travelling to the country because of Trump’s views on Muslins; to be the trivial, like whether sales of fake tan are likely to increase.

If you were looking for balanced debate, you are obviously not going to get it here. No-one in the audience admitted to supporting Donald Trump, and as far as I know, there are only two comedians on the whole of the UK comedy circuit who claim to support Trump, both of whom I suspect wouldn’t want to sit alongside Jack Dee anyway. The whole show is just a way of letting of a bit of steam before the big event.

For me the best the moments of the show where Romesh talking about the differences in the way people of different ethnicities are dealt with in the US airports, and what Phil hoped would happen when Trump puts his hand on the Bible during the ceremony. A rather fun watch before the despair tomorrow.

Jack Dee’s Inauguration HelpDesk is on BBC iPlayer.