Jekyll & Hyde, Episode 5: Black Dog

Jekyll & Hyde Image 1

Terrible, just terrible. It comes across like a series of people performing scenes off a page. Which is exactly what any show is but in J&H it feels like that’s all it is.

The car was quite nice.

Well, that was the positive paragraph, back to business. With each new character and mythical reference comes another string of clichés and tiresome attempts at tension.

I don’t blame the actors, I can’t think of any that aren’t giving it their all but there’s just nothing to ‘sink their teeth into’.

It needs humour, desperately. The stodginess would work well as a backdrop for comedy. It’s committing to the time period in almost every way but neglecting to embellish the dialogue; which is the charm of most of these kinds of dramas.

Considerable resources have clearly gone into the making of this series but I can’t help but think that they would have been better allocated to something else.

Jekyll & Hyde is on ITV at 19.00 every Sunday.