Jekyll & Hyde, Episode 2: Mr Hyde

Jekyll & Hyde Image 1

As difficult as it is for me, I’m going to resist the obvious comparison between the show itself and the title character. The reason it’s so difficult is because episode 2 of the new Jekyll & Hyde is showing its true colours, and they’re a two-tone mess.

Episode 2 serves to highlight the fact that the only truly engaging parts of the show are when Hyde comes out to play.

The second instalment in this series feels stiff, stodgy, and sags whenever prim and proper Jekyll is in the driver’s seat.

There were moments of intrigue back in Ceylon with Jekyll’s adoptive brother but they soon fizzled.

The only bits that felt ‘right’ were the moments of comedy, few though there were, possibly because of Charlie Higson’s obvious comedy background.

Most importantly for the very early stages of a series built on intrigue, I’m just not intrigued or motivated enough to want to keep watching; there was no urge to ‘read on’ when this second chapter drew to a close.