Jekyll & Hyde, Episode 4: The Calyx

Jekyll & Hyde Image 1

Did anyone read these scripts before they were made? To check if they contained interest, intrigue, or any unique plot developments?

There’s plenty of convoluted mythological resurrections and world building but there’s just no reason to care about them. Something cannot simply be ‘a story’. J&H feels like the narrative equivalent of a car-wash; it serves the function of a TV show but without any…spark.

The dialogue goes on just a little too long in every conversation. Once the point has been established, there are just more words, meaningless words.

It has all the building blocks of a good parody but everyone’s too serious, stiff, and unimaginative. Why did a comedy writer not write a proper comedy? He could have kept the same setting, the same characters, even a similar plot; it just would have needed to be funny rather than ineffectively ‘dramatic’.

Characters, especially the title character(s), still do a lot of stating how they feel and think out loud, which is just as irritating as it was in previous episodes. Only the Bold and the Beautiful or Shakespeare can get away with vocalising thoughts and feelings constantly, and it’s not especially entertaining even when they do it.

At one point a character is shot by a sniper and then remains exactly where he was standing to be shot again a couple of minutes later, that says quite a bit I think.