Jekyll & Hyde: Episode 7 – The Reaper

Jekyll & Hyde Image 1

Another week, another episode floundering for purchase on the escarpment of compelling television.

This episode is tolerable in that it’s much like the previous one. But it feels lazy stretching the same plot over two episodes and only bothering to conclude it on the second occasion.

It’s also worrying when one of the minor secondary plots is the most compelling aspect of a show, rather than the overarching narrative structure of the series.

It’s nice to see Richard E Grant’s character come into his own as a somewhat witty civil servant who likes to throw his weight around.

If the series can learn from the last two episodes (assuming it’s renewed for a second series) then there might be hope for it but even then it would only be mildly distracting; it doesn’t even seem like they were aiming for greatness with this show. But rather just something strange to fill out the schedule.

The next episode of Jekyll & Hyde is broadcast at 18.30 on Sunday on ITV.