Josh, Episode 3: Wedding & Waiting

Josh 1

Good news – it looks like Josh Widdicombe’s sitcom might have finally found its feed in this third episode.

The episode begins with Josh and Owen (Elis James) on holiday, where Josh’s use of his mobile to check whether Guinness contains milk results in him paying over £400 in roaming charges and thus going broke. Things are made worse by the fact that landlord Geoff (Jack Dee) has been going to storage auctions, meaning that he has had to store a grand piano in Josh’s flat.

To make amends, Geoff gives Josh and Owen tickets to the darts: the problem is Josh cannot afford the money for drinks, so Owen has an idea: go to his cousin’s wedding and get drunk before the darts start. It seems the ideal plan, until they discover that they are the only guests.

Their flatmate Kate (Beattie Edmondson) meanwhile has to stay in the flat all on her own, waiting for her new mobile phone to arrive. While she tries to improve herself it is not long before she watches trashy TV – right up to the point there is a power-cut in the flat.

This episode of Josh has certainly been the best so far: partly with its mix of visual humour, and also from the comedy from the characters. As stated before, Jack Dee has been the stand-out performer in the series so far, but it looks like we are getting better performances from the rest of the cast too. Elis James was particularly good, and the dialogue is also getting a bit better. The idea of Owen being so drunk that he ended up, “vomiting on a Venus fly-trap”, is both disgusting but so weird you can’t but laugh at the ludicrousness of it.

I still do worry though that the earlier episodes have let the quality of the series down, but hopefully the other episodes will continue to improve.

Josh is on Wednesday nights on BBC Three at 22.30.