Josh: Episode 4 – Teabag & No Sympathy

Josh 1

Again, this episode proves that the best moments in Josh Widdicombe’s sitcom are the visual gags and what is on screen, rather than what is being said.

This week, Josh has a problem when his friend Mike (James Acaster) breaks up from his right-on girlfriend Martha (Helen Cripps). In the pub Josh says what he really thinks of her, but later Mike and Martha get together again and Mike insists that Josh should apologise to her in person, something he wants to avoid.

He tries to avoid it by hanging out with Teabag (John Hollingworth) the laddish best friend of Welsh flatmate Owen (Elis James). Teabag is a man who seemingly drinks 24/7 and will not stop. Owen seems fine while Josh cannot cope with all of Teabag’s drinking games and extra-long visits to the toilet, and is not long before someone breaks.

Fellow flatmate Kate (Beattie Edmondson) meanwhile has problems of her own. She is currently dating a designer and wants her bedroom redecorated, which currently has wallpaper with bricks printed on it. She tries to get flatmate Geoff (Jack Dee) to redecorated, which is a problem given Geoff’s own ideas of design, including his Top 10 favourite skirting boards.

Out of these, it was the plot involving Kate and Geoff which is the funniest. At first you see the brick wall in Kate’s bedroom which is funny on its own, but as Geoff continues with his designing things become more ludicrous, eventually building up to the big moment where Kate brings he designer friend Steve (Solomon Israel) to her room and finds something very shocking on the wall left by a previous owner of the flat.

It was not just the sight gags, but also sound gags too that were good. In the fore-mentioned toilet scene we do not see Teabag on the loo, but we hear the whole horrible and very long act. While toilet humour is not to everyone’s taste, the idea of just making it as extreme as you possibly can in terms of the duration and noise just makes it better.

Again, from a slow start from the beginning of the series Josh has picked things up.