Josh: Episode 5 – Homme & Away

Josh 1

This episode of Josh Widdicombe’s sitcom certain had the best opening scene of them all so far, with Jack Dee as Josh’s landlord Geoff criticising Josh’s stand-up because: “There’s nothing funny about a grumpy man.”

The main plot sees Geoff rent out Josh’s flat to two models during London Fashion Week. To compensate, Geoff offers Josh and his flat mates Owen and Kate (Elis James and Beattie Edmondson) his holiday home in Clacton. Owen and Kate agree to it, and Josh only reluctantly comes along after discovering the models in question are male.

Inevitably things go from bad to worse in Clacton: not only is there the tedium of having to play Monopoly, but Geoff decides to stay over too, sleeping in a tent outside, keeping Josh awake at night by playing Genesis on an acoustic guitar, trying to arrange a date between Kate and his nephew, and worst of all, trying to advance Josh’s stand-up career by getting him a gig with the Chuckle Brothers. Eventually Josh, Owen and Kate decide to spend the holiday trying to hide from Geoff for as long as possible.

As has been the case throughout this series, Jack Dee’s performance as Geoff has been the best thing in it. His role as the landlord unaware of how annoying he is has been brilliant, the one thing that has constantly been then good throughout the show. The visual humour has also been key, whether it is Josh preparing to impress his model guest by getting an awful haircut, or Geoff’s nephew (Tommy French) getting a nosebleed because he gets aroused by Kate.

The guest performances have been great too. The fore-mentioned Chuckle Brothers make their appearance alongside Josh, but the best guest star was Romesh Ranganathan as a theme park attendant who gets into a battle over fish and chips with Josh.

Again, this series has been getting better as it goes along.

Josh is on BBC Three on Wednesday nights at 22.30.