Josh, Episode 2: Mum & Dad

Josh 1

Continuing on from last week’s debut, Josh Widdicombe’s new sitcom seems to becoming something of a damp squib, despite some good guest appearances.

In the second episode, Josh meets Lily (Celeste Dring), who was the hottest girl back at school. The two arrange a date, as it seems Lily has a thing for guys who are complete failures. He has a big problem however in the form of Lily’s father (Michael Fenton Stevens), an incredibly strict courtroom judge who Lily enjoys annoying.

There is also the issue that Lily used to bully Josh’s flatmate Kate (Beattie Edmondson), but Kate has other problems. Her mother (Jennifer Saunders) is coming to stay for her birthday. Not only does she seem to like Kate’s sister more than her, but Kate is constantly worried that their Welsh flatmate Owen (Elis James) or their landlord Geoff (Jack Dee) will end up “doing it” with her mum.

Sadly this episode was worse than the first. There was not much in the way of laughs at all sadly, even though it has such as good cast and crew. The best performance was once again from Jack Dee, in a scene in a Jacuzzi where Geoff goes all cross-eyed because he sits on a jet of air. Other than that, there is very little of anything positive to mention. These are good performers, but the material is not good enough for them. They deserve better than this.

It is hard to imagine anyone choosing to watch Josh over Toast of London, which is on at the same time as this on Channel 4.

Josh is on BBC Three on Wednesday nights at 22.30.