Luther Episode 3 Review: Real Life GTA

LUTHER: Tuesday 28th June, BBC1, 9pm

They say that if you push a dog into a corner it will bite a couple of your fingers off. Try putting DCI Luther into a corner however and he’ll turn your life upside down, inside out and still have time for a cup of tea.

Idris Elba stars in the penultimate episode of season two of the excellent psychological crime drama, which this week focuses of a spate of killings across London dictated by the rolling of a dice and a gaming book: think a real life Grand Theft Auto played by a silent board game obsessed psychopath.

The episode kicks off in a petrol station, with the death of two people and the spraying of a weird graffiti sign stirring the interest of Luther and his department, despite the detective’s best attempts to take a rare day off to sort out his personal life, a situation so murky it makes Glastonbury Festival look like a sandy beach.

With the killer busy playing his deadly game across the capital armed with acid and a hammer, Luther’s department trawl across thousands of 999 calls looking for any sign of the dice rolling maniac, a task that’s perhaps a little ambitious for a team of 10ish people.

However, the sharp-eared police unit soon catch the killer who on questioning appears to be more silent than a Charlie Chaplin film, surely a blessing for the police after listening to thousands of phone calls. On first reaction, the viewer can’t help but be slightly annoyed that the storyline is over so quickly, until the twist that is, but more on that in a minute.

With the murderous psycho finally locked up, the ‘man bent over a barrel’ get’s on with sorting out his personal issues, with the detective on the take again from police archives in order to appease the gangsters on his back.

However, just as Luther’s getting ready to put the aspirin away, his headache of a personal life is made ten times worse with the death of one of the blackmailing gangsters in his flat, a move equivalent to the detective poking his meat and two veg into a wasps nest and doing the conga with it. Ouch.

And just when you think that nothing else can go wrong, it appears that the madman with a dice has an identical twin who’s also board game happy. Double ouch.