Made In Chelsea: Episode Two Review

MADE IN CHELSEA: Monday 9th April, E4, 10pm

“What material would cast myself in? Bronze is definitely my favourite medium..” – Mark Francis

Last week the champagne-quaffing MIC socialities had us all tweeting ferociously as the third series kicked-off in all of its designer-clobbered glory.

Whilst the rest of Britain cut out coupons and counted their pennies, these yummy yuppies were busy throwing money about like drunken monopoly players, happy to believe that Pastygate was little more than a poverty stricken town in the North of England.

The usual pampered faces returned, but there were also a few Sloane strangers thrown in for good measure. Newcomers Richard and Kimberley are hardly much to write home about, but bible-bashing Kimberley certainly causes quite a stir on the Kings Road as the MIC bachelors line up to date her. God knows why (ahem)..

As Spencer and his young protege locked horns over who’s going to take the church-going rah-rah for pancakes, it might be time to reach for the prayer beads in order to save their struggling bromance.

There’s also a lot of dog action going down in Chelsea with Cheska organising her very own Crufts-style pooch fashion show. She invites along newbie Richard Dinan, who despite having the same haircut as her, seems like a match made in Corgi heaven for the Robbie Savage meets Sarah Jessica Parker lookalike.

Meanwhile across the well-cobbled streets, diamond heir Francis Boule has created a new health craze – sweat-working. Apparently this posh new trend involves working out whilst social networking. Of course the ironic thing about his creation is that you’d be hard-pressed to find a man in London who’s done less ‘sweating’ and ‘working’, than this deluded young aristo. We can’t see Fitbook catching on somehow..

And finally this week it’s time to say ‘tally ho’ as Caggie prepares to jet off to America on her music tour. We can’t help thinking that MIC just isn’t going ot be the same without her dazzling smile and her on-off romance with Spencer. It may not be saying much, but she was also the show’s most normal cast member.