Martin Clunes: My Travels and Other Animals

Martin Clunes My Travels and Other Animals
Martin Clunes with a wolf (2008). Copyright: ITV/Buffalo

Martin Clunes narrates a 12-part compilation of his documentaries about animals. For 10 years he’s travelled the world, bringing the viewer through a series of magical and often moving encounters. 

The first episode is about extraordinary relationships people have with animals. It’s a very canine heavy episode with an animal behaviourist who lives with wolves, a man who lives with a pet dingo, and a man with a breeding programme for African wild dogs, a species classified as endangered three years ago.

Clunes also visits horse whisperer Monty Roberts with his horse Chester. Roberts teaches him a technique that helps animals connect with their owners more by appealing to their nature. We learn over the narration that this helped with their connection until Chester’s death last year.

I found it quite enjoyable as someone who’s never seen any of his documentaries before, and I’d recommend it if you’re an animal lover. There’s grander nature and animal programmes but this was lovely all the same.

Martin Clunes: My Travels and Other Animals is on ITV at 20.30 on Thursdays.