My Favourite Joke Review: Explaining Funny

MY FAVOURITE JOKE: Friday 22nd July, BBC1, 11.05pm

“Oh wow, another programme where Z-list (actually, to call them Z-list would be unfair to Z-listers) ‘celebrities’ talk over some archive footage..” Only this time they aren’t Z-listers at all, they’re well-known comedians narrating famous sketches. So a lot like Channel 4’s 100 Greatest Comedy Moments then? Well, yes. But the jokes are funny and the comedians revel in explaining just what it is that makes their idols so hilarious.

Yes, you’ve seen similar shows a thousand times before, but then again you’ve also seen Ross from Friends shout “We were on a break!!â€? a thousand times before, and yet it’s still funny. My Favourite Joke is easy to watch and will definitely raise a smile, it comes as no surprise that the BBC has scheduled its airing to coincide with kicking out time, so if you get back from the bar with gin induced depression… this show probably won’t help because you’ll end up shouting at all the nostalgic comedians while they talk over what would otherwise be some stellar comic material.

In this week’s episode Jack Dee is in awe of Billy Connolly’s “bike jokeâ€?, Rhod Gilbert explains why Eddie Izzard is far funnier than he’ll ever be and Joe Brand tells us why French and Saunders’ “dirty old menâ€? sketch is infinitely more hilarious than we first thought. Thankfully no one has mentioned “the dead parrotâ€? yet, but then again the series runs for six weeks, so it can’t be far off…