Only Connect: 2019 Grand Final

Only Connect
Programme Name: Only Connect - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: Victoria Coren Mitchell - (C) RDF Television - Photographer: Patrick Olner

The most baffling quiz show currently on British TV reached its climax in the final tonight.

With Victoria Coren Mitchell testing the Dicers and the Time Ladies, as is now tradition in the final the theme tune was played in a slightly different way. Having previously used a string quartet and an a cappella group, this time I think they have performed the best and funniest rendition yet – on the barrel organ.

One of the joys of watching the final is not just knowing we are featuring the best quizzers, but we are also facing the hardest questions, so it makes it more thrilling when you at home can get them right. You go in not expecting to get anything, but I was able to score some points of my own. One the very first question, I managed to get two points by figuring out connections between D-Day, the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla, and the launch of BBC Two.

However, there are some questions that are so difficult you don’t expect anything to figure it out. For example, being shown a list of countries and then being able to spot the connection of listing capital cities in reverse alphabetical order, or seeing some Italian names in colourful text and being able to spot the connection with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

This confusion is even more obvious in the connecting wall, where both teams had 16 clues, all of which were exactly three letters long. What is even more bizarre is that when you discovered the connection, how easy it was to be angry at the actual contestants for not spotting it. At least the missing vowels provide something a tad easier.

The highlight of the final for me was a sequence question concerning TV shows with numbers removed from their title, as one of the clues was a reference to 3-2-1, with Coren Mitchell being able to read out of questions from that show, proofing that by comparison Only Connect actually makes some kind of sense.

Only Connect is on the BBC iPlayer.