Our War: Goodbye Afghanistan

Our War

The critically acclaimed Our War returns with a look at the lives of the young British soldiers on the frontline in Afghanistan. This special episode titled Goodbye Afghanistan retraces the steps of those young men, from their lives inside the war zone to their lives after arriving home.

For those unfamiliar with the series, all the footage used was shot by the soldiers themselves during their time as part of the so-called “Taliban Hunting Club”. Goodbye Afghanistan is a rather effective depiction of the difficulty of returning home after ten years as an occupying force. The use of archive footage brings focus and depth to the whole episode, resulting in a rather intimate but domineering insight into the adventures of young soldiers becoming adults in the midst of a war zone.

Raw and psychologically violent at times, Goodbye Afghanistan shows a side of war that we rarely get to see on television and could easily be compared to Evan Wright’s Generation Kill. Like Wright’s book, Our War shows us an equally realistic vision of the emotional depth of such an adventure. And hearing it all through the mouths of the protagonists only makes it more meaningful and educational to watch.

Goodbye Afghanistan is entertaining without falling prey to the pomposity of many documentaries with academic ambitions, and Our War remains compellingly watchable.

Our War: Goodbye Afghanistan will be broadcast on BBC Three on December 6.