Peep Show: Series 9, Episode 2 – Gregory’s Beard


Episode 2 of Peep Show is here, and Dobby is back. Mark has become even more obsessed and stalker-ish in his attempts to woo her back from New York, whilst his control freakery over Jeremy has also reached new levels – setting up surveillance cameras and taking ambient temperature readings to keep tabs on the heating and electricity bill.

The central story this week is the wedding of Super Hans and Molly – it’s fantastic to see more of Hans, who gets all the best lines. He’s asked Mark to be his best man, since Molly despises all of Hans’s ‘crackhead, smackhead’ friends – not least of all Jeremy. Mark’s initially reluctant – after all, what will he talk about in his speech? ‘The time he tried to cut my legs off when he was tripping, because he thought I was a demon? Or the time he just went for me with a chicken skewer for no apparent reason?’

However, his resistance vanishes when he discovers Dobby will be in attendance – perhaps this will be his chance to bring her back to the good old days of ‘hours on the sofa, DVDs and takeaway lamb pasandas’.  But disastrously, she brings along Gregory, her Williamsburg hipster boyfriend, who writes a blog about digital rights, reviews Brooklyn coffee-shops, and live-tweets his own headaches.

Jeremy, meanwhile, has been banned from the wedding. He’s occupying his time life-coaching Megan, the girl from the juice bar in the first episode. But her boyfriend Joe sends his quest down a slightly different path…without wishing to give any spoilers, there’s several themes in the episode that come together to create a particular scene that ranks among the funniest that the show has offered in its history.

There’s a clear sense that Armstrong and Bain are having a lot of fun with this final series, and are throwing everything in and more – hitchhiking, attempted garrotings, a violent beating for one of the characters, the reveal of Super Hans real name – even an appearance of the legendary twins.

This was another frantic and lively episode of what is shaping up to be a fittingly excellent final series. Only one downside this week – no Johnson.